OK People First Logo
"Nothing About Us, Without Us"

The mission of Oklahoma People First is to:

  • Promote equality;
  • Assist each other in speaking for ourselves;
  • Educate our communities;
  • Hold meetings to educate ourselves;
  • Support self-advocacy in Oklahoma; and
  • Create public support for People First.

Members of Oklahoma People First believe:

  • We create a better future for everyone when we exercise our rights.
  • People don't need to live in institutions, no matter what professionals say.
  • People should live as independently as possible.
  • People should let their voices be heard.
  • People have the right to know, to choose, and to do as they wish.
  • Transportation is something we should make available at all times.
  • All people need equal services.
  • People should be able to stand up for their rights without fear of being hurt or abused.
  • We need to stop abuse of persons with disabilities.
  • People should be able to obtain medical care when needed.
  • People should have equal opportunity to access their communities and all services.
  • We can do many things if just given the chance.